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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Consort of the British monarch (1921-2021)

Partial transcript with interviewer

Prince Philip - 'Deadly Virus' Wannabe! - Attacks Big Families
Prince Philip - 'Deadly Virus' Wannabe! - Attacks Big Families
Interviewer: "What do you see as the biggest problem in conservation?
Philip: "Well, the growing human population. From where we are, there's nothing else."
Interviewer: And do you have views about what should be done about that?"
Philip: "Well, I think it might be described as voluntary family limitation."


A few days after Prince Philip's death on 9 April 2021, a severe second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic would hit the Republic of India. On 30 April 2021, the country would become the first to report over 400,000 new cases in a 24-hour period. One factor that has been proposed to explain the sudden spike in cases and deaths is Lineage B.1.617, a new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19. Media has been speculating on whether he might have had an interest in the pandemic[1].


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