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Prince Charles boasts of being a descendant of Vlad the Impaler (Vlad III Dracula)


Charles, Prince of Wales, boasts on Wild Carpathia TV (2015) that he is "descended from Vlad the Impaler", better known as Vlad III Dracula.

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Vlad the Impaler[]

Ordo Draconum (Order of the Dragon)

Vlad III Dracula "The Impaler" (c. 1560)

Vlad III Dracula, preferred by critics as "Vlad the Impaler" (c. 1430 – 1476), was the prince of Wallachia and the second son of Vlad Dracul. His name had its origin in the Romanian sobriquet of his father, Vlad Dracul ("Vlad the Dragon"), who received it after he became a member of the Order of the Dragon. Both father and son being members of the Order of the Dragon (Ordo Draconum), aimed to defend the Hungarian monarchy from foreign and domestic enemies, and to assist the Catholic Church against "heretics and pagans". The father Vlad II, The Dragon incorporated the House of Drăculești. Descendants of the line of Drăculești would eventually come to dominate this principality until its unification with Transylvania.[1] Books describing the cruel acts performed by Dracula (Vlad III, The Impaler) were among the first bestsellers in the German-speaking territories. In Russia, popular stories suggested that Dracula was only able to strengthen central government through applying brutal punishments.[1]

Ouroboros insignia to be worn by members of the Order of the Dragon

Vlad III Dracula, son of Vlad Dracul, was initiated into the ancient Order of the Dragon by the future Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund von Luxembourg, in 1431.[2] Vlad III would sign his letters as "Dragulya" or "Drakulya" in the late 1470s. "Dracula" is the Slavonic genitive form of Dracul, meaning "the son of Dracul".[3] In modern Romanian, dracul means "the devil".[4]

1499 German woodcut showing Dracule waide dining among the impaled corpses of his victims

Conspiracy theorist Lon Strickler, comments that Dracula had soldiers and civilians impaled on stakes that were arranged in various geometric patterns. The most common pattern being a ring of concentric circles. The height of the spear indicated the rank of the victim. The Germans claimed that Dracula sat down amid a forest of dead bodies to eat and dip his bread in their blood. These methods are an indication of ritual-obsession.[2]

Strickler reinforces that the Order of the Dragon is still promoted today as highlighted by Brittish pseudohistorical author Laurence Gardner in Bloodline of The Holy Grail: The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed (1996). Queen Mary or Mary of Teck, mother of King George VI and grandmother to Elizabeth II, is claimed to be descended from a sister of "Dracula".[2]



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